4H Horse Judging & Hippology Clinic

4H Horse Judging/Hippology Clinic

Alicia Hannigan, Gina Hannigan, Karla Moffitt, and Amy Pike joined together on March 16th, 2018 to provide an opportunity for a local Clackamas County 4H Horse Judging team to come and learn about Arabians. The coach of the team reached out to the Hannigan family due to Alicia’s past and ongoing interest in both horse judging and Arabians, hoping to help the kids prepare for the upcoming April state level competition. Judging and Hippology are both scholarship earning events at the 4-H state and national levels, so exposure to many breeds, disciplines, and mentoring judges is important for the success of these young people.
Alicia and Amy were principle in coordinating this event, reaching out to friends in Region 4 to find a judge, facility, horses, and people to help with the clinic. Karla Moffitt of Pacific Training Center graciously donated her time, judging expertise, as well as helping with permission to use her facility and supplying horses and handlers for the judging clinic. The kids got to see four outstanding half Arabians; Spirit America, Nobles New Chex, Master Vaquero, and Ammeron in the conformation portion of the clinic.
We also held a riding clinic, where the team was invited to observe, place, and provide reasons for a western horsemanship class that included a pattern. Our fantastic rider/handler volunteers were Julie Hedden, Rozi Nystrom, Sarah Nash-Robertson and Keith Butts. These four people graciously gave up their Friday night to ride patterns for our clinic.
Karla Moffitt took time to listen to each 4-H team member and share her own placing’s and reasons for each class. Karla shared her knowledge on obtaining judges cards, the importance of understanding the difference between a fault and a blemish when judging, and what she thinks is important when judging riding classes. Alicia took the lead on helping the team refine their oral reasons and delivery skills, utilizing her wealth of knowledge on what phrasing and style is most widely accepted at the higher levels of judging and Hippology competitions.
Region 4 Arabian Ambassadors was excited to serve this team and is looking forward to holding another clinic in the fall, when the judging and Hippology seasons begin in 4-H. We are hoping to grow this clinic for the fall, inviting teams from multiple counties to participate. Overall, we think this clinic was a success due to the generosity of our volunteers!

Photos Provided by VanaTee Marketing, Chana VanderZanden

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