Arabian Ambassadors

Who are we?
Region 4 Arabian Ambassadors are a collection of people, who regularly find themselves at all breed events with Arabian and Half Arabian horses making a positive impact for the breed at large. These individuals and their horses exemplify sportsmanship, kindness, and horsemanship.

What is our goal?
The goal of Ambassadors is to continually address and dispel myths that negatively impact the Arabian and Half Arabian horses. We also serve to connect interested people with lessons, breeders, training, and other services in the local areas. We strive to be accessible through our attitudes and behaviors, knowledgeable, and welcoming to anyone interested in developing or deepening a connection to Arabian and Half Arabian horses.

What activities are we engaged in?
Ambassadors are more than riders you see at events and shows. Ambassadors also volunteer their time at events like NW Equine Expo, 4H clinics, OHSET meets, trail rides, and just about anywhere else horses are being discussed or marketed.

What are we doing for Region 4?
Currently we are engaged in continuing to develop a database of Arabian and Half Arabian based programs/trainers/breeders in our region and produce materials, such as brochures, to allow people to get contact information for programs/breeders/trainers in their area. This is coming into existence through a brochure that highlights programs currently registered with AHA. Within the next year we hope to list more programs through open enrollment with the Region. When people have relevant contact information easily in hand more connections can be made!

Everyone is an Ambassador, anyone can fill this role in their local area. If you want resources and materials please contact Amy Pike!

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