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Arabian Ambassadors

Who are we? Region 4 Arabian Ambassadors are a collection of people, who regularly find themselves at all breed events with Arabian and Half Arabian horses making a positive impact for the breed at large. These individuals and their horses exemplify sportsmanship, kindness, and horsemanship. What is our goal? The goal of Ambassadors is to

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4H Horse Judging & Hippology Clinic

4H Horse Judging/Hippology Clinic Alicia Hannigan, Gina Hannigan, Karla Moffitt, and Amy Pike joined together on March 16th, 2018 to provide an opportunity for a local Clackamas County 4H Horse Judging team to come and learn about Arabians. The coach of the team reached out to the Hannigan family due to Alicia’s past and ongoing

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Des Arab Arabian Horse Association

4040 – DES ARAB Arabian Horse Association The Des Arab Arabian Horse Association was organized in Boise, Idaho in 1967, and chartered in 1968. Des Arab seeks to bring together people in Idaho who are interested in the Arabian horse, and to encourage active participation for the betterment of the breed. In addition, we strive

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