Directors Corner with Chris Bickford

This has been an exciting year. After being vice director many times it is a new experience to be your director. I have had many helpers along the way. The regional show was a great success due to the hard work of the show commission lead by Connie Chapman. Moving the sport horse regionals to Donida Farms had a rocky beginning but thru the hard work of many it was successful. Kelsey Younce was our Youth Director and she attended the Youth Convention held during the Youth Nationals representing region 4. We had Arabian representation at four different expos in Oregon and Idaho. Each of the workers presented Arabians to the public and we all appreciate their efforts.

Now is the time to look to the future to grow our Arabian community. Through cooperation from one owner to another, one club to another, and one region to another we can all succeed in growing. If we all pull together, we can make this a success and love and enjoy our Arabian and Half-Arabian horses in the process.
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