Distance Rides

Region 4 Distance Riders

Distance riding is a great sport for all ages and skill levels. It tests a horse’s condition and stamina, rider intelligence and horsemanship under veterinary supervision on a cross-country trail. Most competitors own and train their own horses.

Discipline, dedication and a sense of adventure are the most important ingredients for success. Competitive Trail and Endurance are the two most popular distance sports and Arabians excel at both. Other distance events include Ride & Tie competitions and Mounted Orienteering.

The endurance competitor’s motto, “To Finish Is To Win,” applies to all types of distance events. Distance riding may be highly competitive and challenging or a recreational activity combining a camping trip with an extended trail ride.

The Arabian Horse Association offers several programs that recognize efforts of distance riders. Please contact Carlene Benson for more information at (503) 399-1580 or bensonwc AT mac DOT com

AHA Distance Ride Championships
The AHA National Distance Commission has been working with additional breed organizations to help support the growth of Distance Riding by partnering to hold multiple National Championship rides at one event. The 2017 Distance Horse National Championships will be held October 6-8 in Oreana, Idaho, site of the Owyhee Canyonlands Pioneer Endurance Ride. We look forward to welcoming more breeds in joining the Distance Horse Nationals Championships!

Sweepstakes Payout for Distance
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Earn Distance Awards
Do you compete with your Arabian, Half-Arabian or Anglo-Arabian in Endurance or Competitive Trail rides? Earn credit for all of your miles with the Distance Horse Award Program! When you reach 500 miles, you will be awarded a beautiful plaque with your horse’s name with space for more milestones in 500-mile increments. For every 500 miles you ride in AHA recognized distance rides, you will earn another brass mileage marker that can be added to your plaque. You will also receive acknowledgment in the Recognition Spotlight of the Modern Arabian Horse Magazine. For more information on the Distance Horse Award Program, please call the Competitions Department at (303) 696-4500 Option 4, or visit the AHA website.

AERC’s Northwest ride season begins April 1
Just a note from the AERC office to assure you that the sun will shine, the weather will warm up – and you already have lots of AERC rides to choose from this season! To date, 21 NW rides with 37 days of riding are already sanctioned with the AERC

April 1: Owyhee April Fools (Tough Sucker) 25/50 – Teeter Ranch, Oreana, Idaho – mgr: Stephanie Teeter

April 22: Eagle Canyon 25/50 – Eagle, ID – mgr: Layne Lewis

April 29: April Daze 25/50/75 – Riverside State Park, WA – mgr: Gail D. Williams

April 29: Helldiver Resurrection – Again 25/50
Norwood Equestrian Center, Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC – mgr: Claudia Harper

May 13: Owyhee River Challenge 25/55 – 15 miles S of Adrian, OR – mgr: Karen Bumgarner

May 20: Mt. Adams 30/55/80/100 – Trout Lake, WA – mgr: Stephanie Irving

May 20-21-22: Titanium Run 3 Day Pioneer 30-35/50-55/75/100 – Fort St. John, BC – mgr: Tara MacLeod

May 27-28-29: Oregon Outback Hallelujah Trail Pioneer 25/50-55 + Intro – South Central Oregon – mgr: Linda L. Tribby

June 3-4: Klickitat Trek I & II 25/50/75 – Glenwood, WA 98619 – mgr: Marilyn Milestone Control Judge: Michael A. Foss

June 8-9-10: City of Rocks Pioneer 25-35/50-55 – Almo, ID – mgr: Stephanie Teeter

June 10: Limestone Challenge 30/50 – Selma, OR – mgr: Glen L. Siver

July 7-8-9: Bandit Springs 25-30/50/80 + Intro – Ochoco National Forest – mgr: Jannelle Wilde

July 22: Pacific Crest Endurance Ride 30/50/70 + Intro – Lily Glen Horse Camp – mgr: Joy Trevey Lowell

August 5-6-7: Titanium Run 3 Day Pioneer FEI 30-35/50-55/75/100
Fort St. John, BC – mgr: Tara MacLeod

August 26: Cowichan Valley Rail Trail & BCCTRA 25/50 – Duncan, BC – mgr: Miki Dekel

September 2-3: Crazy Daze of Summer I & II 25/50/75 – Riverside State Park at the Seven Mile Airstrip – mgr: Gail D. Williams

September 23: Prater Mountain 30/50 + Intro – Priest River, ID – mgr: Dale Schrempp

October 6-7-8: Owyhee Canyonlands Pioneer 25-30/50-55 – Oreana, Idaho – mgr: Stephanie Teeter

October 14: Foothills of the Cascades 25/50 – Molalla, OR – mgr: Mary Nunn

October 21-22: True Grit 25/50-55 + Intro – South Central Oregon – mgr: Dennis Tribby

October 28: Owyhee Hallowed Weenies 25/50 – Teeter Ranch, Oreana ID – mgr: Stephanie Teeter